MINDHAUNT is a personal project of mine. The world and characters live in my brain. It is my obsession and I pour myself into it. I often draw a lot of images involving them. I wish to make more stories in this world and explore it. You can see them too.





The world of MINDHAUNT itself is purposefully inconsistent, and in-universe it is a constantly morphing organism. This is both due to my ideas about it changing as the creator, and the ideas of its inhabitants affecting the world. People’s thoughts and emotions can have a passive influence on the world, and the world will influence those who exist in it.

The world is like a body and a mind. Surface of various materials, ground of bones and flesh, oceans of blood, core of organs and voids, skies of electricity and thoughts, space feeling like a fractal. It is a living thing, and it is endless.


Funblood is a funny lady and genius electrician. Like her name, she acts silly and random, or edgy and mysterious. She spends her time working on her machines and playing games. She has some control over electricity. She can communicate with the vessels of the world. She is a very loud rambler. A beloved fiend.
The Solver
The Solver is a legendary entity known as the cursed helmet that can give the wearer limitless power. They have been used to rule and kill for ages and fell into obscurity. As a person, they’re a cheerful yet menacing presence, behaving theatrically. They’re very excited to be a person. They are made out of the world.
Funsolver is a combination of Funblood and The Solver. They're what happens when Funblood wears The Solver on her head. Funsolver is a person.
Spinwhim is a powerful healer and grand storyteller. They’re very kind, outgoing, and wacky. They like to travel all around to help others. Their intense curiosity and passion makes them meddlesome. They can focus and see the world on a cellular level, which is utilized in healing and creating. Good :-)
Innard is a mysterious individual. They live a lonely life and rarely speak. They often write down their many thoughts. They love to sing and dance privately. Their purpose is to return lost belongings to people. They have the ability to keep any objects stored in whatever they wear. Tormented by fate.
He/It (or whatever)
Etcetera is a directionless wanderer. He is kept alive by his metallic body. While defaulting to silence, he is rambunctious, prideful, and weirdly rude. He can grow and manipulate the metal he’s made out of. He likes to make and collect things to store in his head/body. His fingers are pistols. It’s normal now.
Joke is a Weird Dead Thing. It is a playful entity that vaguely exists and floats at the corner of your vision. It is a sweet, rude, intense, volatile thing. She is a mechanic and a maid. It is often roaming architectures and observing others from afar. Her life isn't much of her own :)
Eyes of Funsolver
They're Eyes of Funsolver, Funsolver looks through them to see things far away. Sometimes there's many of them, sometimes they can take humanoid forms, sometimes they can talk and do things and hang out. You can tell it is them if the eyes are multicoloured.
Me, Dissociative Angel.

The galleries of each character can be viewed on my Toyhouse.


Sometimes in my art related to MINDHAUNT, I write text in symbol fonts. This is to indicate they are speaking a different language and it is a fun way for me to obscure my writing. I do not intend for people to read it.

The fonts I mainly use are Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3. I chose these fonts because they look cool and are publicly available in case anyone recognizes it and chooses to translate. It is originally written in English.

funblood mostly speaks in wingdings 2 lowercase. The Solver speaks many languages. SO FUNSOLVER SPEAKS WHATEVER yaaayy. spinwhim mostly speaks in wingdings 2 lowercase. innard speaks wingdings 3 lowercase. ETCERERA MOSTLY SPEAKS IN WINGDINGS 3 UPPERCASE. Joke speaks any wingdings 3! I like using it!

Thank you for reading.

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