The Lamest Lamp


Hacks: OMG.. I'm hungry and I can't sleep

Hacks: psst. ... psst, lady L. ... lady.

Hacks: psst. Lady L! I'm hungry!

Hacks: L! hey L! Lady L! Make food!


Hacks: u use kitchen stuff then food happens.

L: i don't want to

Hacks: yes, but you do want to

L: got to bed.

Hacks: UUUUGH make food!

L: shut the fuck up.

Hacks: OH

Hacks: you got me there!

L: *glare*

Hacks: FINE. I'll make own food

Hacks: just stop glaring at me

Hacks: oh, but I might burn the place down.

Hacks: Hey! just like that time when u did that!

L: *glares again*

Hacks: Okay! Okay!

Hacks: ur a lame lamp

L: no. I'm not.

L: I'm the LAMEST LAMP..